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again, and they knew that he was on the war-path
In deadly earnest. In addition to his boy cousin
Going-Up-To-Sky he now was also accompanied
by his brother-in-law Topean. He had assumed
the offensive and become a killer, and these two
boys, according to an Indian tradition of loyalty,
had chosen to make the stand and die with him.
With an Indian, this means that he Intends to get
as many as he can before he Is killed.

The news of Almighty Voice's sudden reap-
pearance after two years of baffling evasion was
received with grave concern at Prince Albert,
forty miles away. At midnight that same day
twelve mounted policemen under Captain Allan
(who died in Vancouver., August^ 1927) set out
on horseback for the Mlnnechinas Hills. At the
same time another mounted police force under
Inspector Wilson was dispatched from Duck

Captain Allan's party, riding past Bellevue Hill
the next morning, noticed in the distance three
objects moving toward a small thicket of trees.
*I see three antelope over there/ one of the con-
stables reported. But when they approached
closer they were surprised to discern the naked
forms of three young Indians, stripped for battle,
with their bare, slick bodies glistening In the sun
like the smooth brown coat of the antelope.

Captain  Allan  knew instantly  that  he had